Today, many companies or individuals find it essential to have security staff to safeguard their property, business, employees or family. But while appointing security staff, one needs to be very careful and thoroughly consider all aspects of hiring them. We at M/s.M.J Solanki, understand what our clients want to protect, the level of protection as well as how long they want it and offer them highly trained guards. Our security heads are certified from the Security Sector Skill Development Council by NSDC & work as per the PSARA act 2005. Even though they are profundly trained with all the related relevant security operations at the time of emergency. All the security guards are trained of Mockdrill, Personal security, Physical security, Information security, Risk management, Crisis management, Environment, Safet & Health, Compliance & Ethics programs etc.

Our security professionals are recruited after careful background screening and testing, making them the most reliable and trusted guards, who do their jobs with utmost sincerity and safety.

Tough, vigilant & agile, these three words perfectly describe the quality of security guards or Chaukidaar we provide at MJ Solanki. We are the ISO certified company committed to the safety of our clients.

We have gained expertise in catering quality types of security solutions to public & private sectors. We specialise in recruiting retired army personnel to maintain the system of rules of conduct & method of practices for security staffs. It also ensures high level of loyalty, diligence & welfare of the organization as they are more agile and trusted source of security.
Security professionals at MJ Solanki are recruited after careful background screening and testing. The selected security guards undergo rigorous training to maintain the discipline under the guidance of Army Personnel.

We guarantee you the most reliable and honest guards. Regular checks are also done to oversee their performances.