Other Services

Infrastrucutre Facility Management Services
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Our facility managers are trained to help clients, customers and end-users understand the potential impact of their decisions on the provision of space, services, cost and business risk.

They also ensure corporate and regulatory compliance and the proper operation of all aspects of a building to create an optimal, safe and cost effective environment for the occupants to function. Our services are unique because of the various complexities involved there in at infrastructural, manpower and at operational level. We are providing clinical, technical, support, and ancillary services, which divide it into various specialized subsystems. It helps to create an enabling environment for effective and efficient working and pleasant experience for customer in organization.


Landscaping & Gardening Services
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"Go Green & Live Green" Bringing nature close to work is important, as nature brings in a sense of peace and tranquility, important to alleviate the rising stress levels. A well-designed landscape not only adds beauty to your workplace but it also can reduce your heating and cooling costs. We have a experienced gardeners who helps to maintains the all services and making sure that watering, weeding, and mowing can be done on regular bases.

We provide excellent commercial landscape and gardening services which include landscaping architecture & landscape design, landscape development & landscape execution, landscape maintenance, lush green beautiful Gardens of both indoor and outdoor, Garden designing, Plants nursery services and pest control program in-relation to plant disease as per the client's requirement.


Canteen Service
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We believe in "Eat healthy & Stay Healthy" so our business hands is also incorporated in to providing the full-fledged outsourcing canteen services, best-in-class vending machines etc. We understand the fact that the healthy food is very much important to live a healthy life and if the right amount of taste add on then it becomes a customer delightful, so In context of that we have qualified cooks who cooks the delicious and authentic taste food. We are also providing the well organized and well equipped Kitchen as per the client's requirement & expectation. Our rich experience in to this field enrich us to maintain the cleanliness, pest & rodent control on periodically basis.


Pay & park
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With the growing number of cars and motorbikes, and dwindling urban spaces, parking has become a major pain area for most urban spaces. When that is the case, Pay and Park is an effective solution in resolving the mess caused by unregulated parking. We offer Pay and Park services for government and private enterprises.